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A hypervisor manages multiple VMs Which feature should be enabled on a computer that is sharing a printer to allow remote users to use the printer if the computer is asleep?
Loopback plug Which type of cabling uses a covering or shield around each pair of wires inside the cable?
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Processor socket Which of the following best describe software that simulates the hardware of a physical computer?
Dual flipper button control switch that controls upper and lower flippers.

LGA2011 Which device in the computer case uses the least amount of wattage?Used with two links above.Grazie alla tecnologia Flash, si può giocare direttamente sul web senza dover installare il gioco sul proprio.ExpressCard, which of the following can be used to connect or ground a technician's hand to a computer case in order to dissipate any static electricity?CPU fan control, which of the following is considered to be the most complex task to perform while working inside a laptop computer?Ipconfig What technology is used when power is transmitted on a network cable?Print a self-test page What type of printer is most dependent on the quality of paper it uses to get the best printing results?Reference #03-7811 Heavy duty secondary end of stroke switch.Base station What is the maximum length of cable on a 100BaseT network?
DDR4 What is the name of the Intel technology that allows a processor to handle two threads at the same time?
Land grid array (LGA) Which technology replaced the 64-bit Front Side Bus and has 16 lanes for data packets?